Overview of funding opportunities

Why donate & sponsor? The German Society for Tissue Transplantation is an independent non-profit organization. It refinances itself through the reimbursement rates of the tissue transplants mediated for transplantation. These reimbursement rates exclusively cover the costs incurred for the tissue donation in the hospitals, the processing into a transplant in the tissue banks as well as the costs of the allocation. Information projects, as well as research and development can only be realized with the help of donations and subsidies.

The support possibilities of our work in the non-profit tissue network are manifold. We would like to give you an idea of what is possible!

Single donation

Support the DGFG in general or for a topic or project that is of special interest to you with a one-time financial donation. Make an important difference to a topic that brings help to thousands of people, even with a supposedly small sum of money. You may want to show your gratitude after a successful transplantation and show that our work is important to you.

Thanks to the many unique donations, we have already been able to realize three educational films on various topics in tissue donation as well as a touring photo exhibition on corneal donation and transplantation!

Permanent donation

Would you like to make a regular contribution to the tissue donation? Starting at 10 Euro per month, you can support sustainable scientific projects, public relations activities or the tissue banks in the DGFG network. Your long-term commitment is especially appreciated by patients who receive a tissue transplant. You will help them to improve their quality of life again! Permanent donations are an important building block in the development of reliable structures.

As a permanent donor, you will receive regular information about the activities in the tissue network from us on request. We will of course send you a collective donation receipt for donations made in the last calendar year by February of the following year, without being asked to do so.

Occasional or collective donations

What to give for your birthday or anniversary? Many people already seem to have everything! Why not do something good together on the occasion of your birthday or anniversary, but also on occasions such as funerals? Join your family, friends and acquaintances in promoting tissue donation. Ask your guests for a donation for a certain good cause instead of flowers or gifts.

You can also access a collective donation for the benefit of tissue medicine via social media. On Facebook, you have the opportunity to create event donations for the benefit of the German Society for Tissue Transplantation. Here you will find instructions.

Fundraising Campaign

Are you running a marathon, going on a difficult hike or facing another sporting or personal challenge? Dedicate the accomplishment of this challenge to a good cause! This can also be the occasion for a fundraising event among friends, family and acquaintances.

Proceeds from a cake bazaar or flea market can also be donated and have a further value in addition to the financial support: Through the donation campaign, people become aware of the tissue donation!

If you would like to share your donation campaign online, you can, for example, support DGFG aid projects via the donation platform betterplace.org.

Sponsors & Supporters