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The German Society for Tissue Transplantation (DGFG) organizes tissue donation nationwide and provides patients with corneal transplants, amniotic tissue, heart valves, blood vessels and bone grafts. This way, we give quality of life and save the sight of thousands of patients every year with corneal transplants. Sometimes tissue transplants can even save lives! The DGFG is the largest tissue network in Germany. Four university hospitals and a diaconal clinic stand behind our society. Beeing a non-profit organisation, DGFG has been setting standards in tissue medicine for 20 years.

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  • organize tissue donation in Germany

    corneal transplants, blood vessels and heart valves, amniotic tissue and musculoskeletal tissue

  • process donor tissue in 13 tissue banks

    short distance, prompt processing, highest quality

  • allocate tissue transplants nationwide & beyond

    based on a nationwide waiting list

  • inform comprehensively and transparently about tissue donation

    at events, in the media, brochures and other information materials

  • work to the highest standards

    safety and quality for donors and transplant recipients

  • support the research & development of new methods

    continuous development of tissue medicine
    in Germany and beyond

Doctors have been transplanting tissues for over 100 years. Most of these come from deceased donors. The cornea – the clear window to the world – is the tissue that is donated the most. Since tissues, unlike organs, are not supplied with blood, tissue can still be removed several days after cardiovascular arrest – in the case of cornea up to 72 hours after cardiac arrest. Similar to organs, however, tissues, especially heart valves and blood vessels, have a very high need for donations.




heart valves


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Supported by five clinics

Tissue donation belongs in transparent structures

The DGFG sets up donation programmes and coordinates tissue donation at the clinics – also within the framework of organ donation. Nothing works without clear organisation, careful working methods and empathetic discussions and interviews. No matter whether tissue donation is in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or in Baden-Württemberg: our employees are on site at 30 locations throughout Germany. Doctors do not transplant tissue immediately. The DGFG operates three own tissue banks and cooperates with others from all over the country. Our employees have many years of experience in setting up and operating a tissue bank. Valuable tissue donations do not get lost. Regional traditions are preserved.

DGFG creates structures for successful tissue donation

Today, tissue transplants open up undreamt-of treatment possibilities for doctors. Planning security and reliability are absolutely necessary though. The DGFG creates the appropriate structures in which doctors can concentrate on their patients. Our employees prepare high-quality and safe transplants.

The DGFG coordinates the majority of corneal donation in Germany. But the donation of heart valves, blood vessels and bones is also urgently needed to help patients. We provide about half of the corneal transplants in Germany and cover a large part of the amniotic supply.

The cooperation in the tissue network is diverse and individual. We cooperate with our partners in tissue donation, tissue processing in tissue banks and for the allocation of tissue for transplantation. New partners are very welcome. We would be pleased if you get in touch!

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