You transplant – we mediate!

Every inpatient or outpatient transplant centre in Germany can register its patients with the DGFG for a transplant. Registration is non-binding and free of charge. With a nationwide network, the DGFG can ensure regular and emergency care even in the event of fluctuating stocks and demand. Registration of patients from outside Germany is also possible. Allocation procedures and terms of delivery may deviate in this case. The tissue allocation office and the quality management of the DGFG will help with the clarification and implementation.


organ cultivated

In case of emergencies we also provide a transplant within one to three days, depending on tissue availability.

Heart valves & Blood vessels


On the form “Request of Homografts” we need the exact size of the required transplants as well as the desired surgery date. Allocation is based on waiting list and availability. The blood group between donor and recipient is not relevant. Delivery takes place on the day before the planned transplantation or in urgent cases on the same day.

Musculoskeletal Tissues

Musculoskeletal tissues are prepared in the University Tissue Bank of the Charité in Berlin and can be obtained through the DGFG.

Step by step: From registration to transplantation

The registration of your patients is carried out via the DGFG’s allocation office via a recipient database. We are happy to set up an online account for you in our database at Alternatively, you can register your patients via fax (+49 (0)511 563 559 5200) or e-mail to with the corresponding registration form.

For the registration we need the patient data, the basic medical condition, relevant secondary medical conditions as well as information about previous operations. As soon as a suitable transplant is available, you will receive an offer with all important information about the transplant.

For heart valve and blood vessel transplants, registration and waiting time depend on availability, specific size requirements and the degree of urgency. Here we are in great need of cooperation with all key parties at the point of interface with organ donation. Please contact us!

Patient registration

Here you can access the recipient database of the DGFG. You don’t have an online account yet? No problem! Our allocation office will be happy to help you.

Every inpatient or outpatient transplant centre can register its patients for a transplant at the DGFG free of charge. The responsible doctor indicates the urgency. The DGFG then forms an urgency code: highly urgent, urgent, transplantable. Our allocation office will do its utmost to supply highly urgent patients within 24 hours, depending on tissue availability. On the basis of a supra-regional database, the staff of the allocation office has a constant overview of all tissue transplants available in the DGFG network. Employees can also respond quickly and easily to emergency enquiries. Some patients require a typified cornea. Here the match of tissue characteristics is necessary. The DGFG compares the tissue characteristics between donor and recipient. The allocation then takes place according to the best match.

A standardized waiting list ensures equal opportunities for all listed patients. For patients who have the same criteria regarding urgency and tissue characteristics, the documented waiting time is decisive. In addition, there are center-specific requirements for the cornea depending on the planned surgical technique.

The DGFG charges a uniform tissue-dependent expense reimbursement for the provision of transplants within Germany, which covers all costs for donation, processing and transport. The transport costs to international locations may vary and will be charged separately

The delivery of corneas and amniotic membranes is carried out by courier until 10 a.m. on the operating day at the latest (exceptions are possible for some regions as well as for international locations). Heart valves and blood vessels are delivered directly by our own transport service. The allocation office will be happy to provide you with details on transport.

Prompt, plannable, efficient

Many centres benefit from the allocation services of the DGFG, as waiting times are often shorter and operations can be planned. Once a suitable transplant is available in the network, the allocation office transmits all relevant information. On this basis, the examining physician decides whether the transplant is suitable for his patient or not. The transplant is reserved for this patient and an exact date for the operation can be scheduled.

The allocation is based on a database in which all tissue banks enter their current tissue stock. In the future, tissue donation, processing, procurement and invoicing will be managed completely via the electronic database. Medical doctors no longer have to make time-consuming enquiries to several tissue banks. We offer all transplant centers comprehensive service and support for patient registration. The database system also enables hospital waiting lists. The team of the allocation office will be happy to advise you!

  • Reduction of waiting time

    Your patients benefit from a shorter waiting time for a transplant.

  • Doctors only have to inquire at one point

    You don’t have to ask various tissue banks, because the DGFG cooperates with 12 tissue banks in the tissue network.

  • Scheduled surgeries for doctors and patients

    In the event of a tissue transplant failure, our allocation office can very often arrange a replacement for your patients at short notice.

  • Flexible and reliable delivery of the transplant

    By overnight courier or own transport service.