With the liquid bubble technique developed by us, we separate the ultra-thin corneal layer extremely gently by means of an injected liquid.

The Knappschafts-Tissue Bank Sulzbach has one of the most modern clean room facilities in Germany. The hygiene standards are significantly higher than required by law. The tissue bank was set up in 2014 together with the DGFG and the Sulzbach Eye Clinic at the Knappschaftsklinikum Saar.

The Knappschafts-Tissue Bank Sulzbach and the Tissue Bank Hannover/DGFG are currently the only institutions in Germany which prepare corneal lamellae prepared in the tissue bank for DMEK. The mediation of these special transplants is carried out by the DGFG’s allocation office.


Head & responsible person according to §20c: Dr. med. Anne-Katrin Riekmann

Knappschaftsklinikum Saar – Augenklinik Sulzbach

An der Klinik 10
66280 Sulzbach

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