Scientific Discussion on World Sight Day | October 14, 2021 | 3-5 p.m. (CET)

This event will focus on how eye banks can effectively collaborate with industry, without jeopardizing their nonprofit status, to develop new and innovative treatments for blinding eye diseases through cellular therapies. Speakers include experts in bioethics, law, nonprofit organizations, ophthalmic research and industry.

Co-hosted by: Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, Veneto Eye Bank Foundation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gewebetransplantation (DGFG)

Registration for the two-hour virtual event is free.

highlights from the program

  • Eckhard Nagel, MD, PhD
    “Public Trust and Confidence. How to Build and Sustain It.”
  • Andy Davis, MPA
    “The Four Principles of Purpose-Driven Leadership”
  • Robert Jacob, PhD
    “Non Profits in Healthcare – Board Responsibilities”
  • Arthur Caplan, PhD
    “Working with industry and COI”
  • Jana D’Amato Tóthová, PhD
    “Use of donor eye tissues in medical device development”
  • Gilles Thuret, MD, PhD
    “Corneal donation for scientific purposes: 25 years of experience at the BiiGC lab (St-Etienne, France)”
  • Seth Levy, JD
    “Legal Considerations for use of Human Tissue in Clinical Research”