Sight for Cameroon: Tissue donation as a last chance

Bafoussam, Cameroon / Hannover, Germany: Nine Cameroonians receive a new cornea from the network of the non-profit German Society for Tissue Transplantation (DGFG) as part of a humanitarian mission. An interdisciplinary team of doctors and technicians from Greifswald/Germany traveled to Bafoussam in the west of the country for this purpose. The DGFG accompanied the trip with a documentary.

Documentary of the trip to Cameroon

Tissue donation as an altruistic act without borders

Dr. Eric Njikam, Augenarzt in Bafoussam, Kamerun

“Here in Cameroon, there is currently neither tissue nor organ donation,” explains ophthalmologist Dr. Eric Njikam. The Kenyan-trained ophthalmologist recently opened his “Clair Vision” eye clinic in Bafoussam, located in the country’s western plateau.

More than 200 patients suffering from corneal disease had been seen by the German doctors and technicians who are friends of his by the time of the week of the operation. The fact that such a donation can save from blindness is largely unknown to the local population. Njikam clarifies in the patient discussions: “The majority of the population is Catholic. They therefore recognize the selfless donation of a deceased person as an act of charity and are insanely grateful to the donor families.”