Amniotic membrane for wound healing

The amniotic membrane is the inner egg membrane of the maternal placenta that faces the fetus. A placenta donation is a living tissue donation. Prerequisites are the consent of the mother and a planned Caesarean section birth. Due to its excellent wound healing properties, the amniotic membrane can be used in various areas of medicine. Patients benefit from a gentle and fast healing method. The amniotic membrane is used, for example, in ophthalmology for the treatment of eye injuries or in oral and maxillofacial surgery, where it can be placed on larger wounds. The amniotic membrane is currently being processed in the cornea and tissue bank Schwerin, a joint tissue bank of the Helios Kliniken Schwerin and the DGFG.

Fields of application

  • Ophthalmological and orbital procedures
  • Temporary skin replacement for thermal injuries and wound healing disorders
  • Gynaecological surgery: uterus and vagina
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery: oral and maxillofacial procedures

Here you can see an amniotic membrane be dissected from the placenta.